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Provider info:NIVYAH offers the widest array of packages to suit every broad band customer needs at most affordable prices. Nivyah partners with Local Cable Operators to deliver its Internet services to homes. Nivyah also provides most competitively priced dedicated band width solutions for Corporate and ITESPs.

Nivyah partnership approach with the Local Cable Operator's and other industry players has proved to be its winning strategy.

Nivyah is the leading provider of technology services to mid-sized businesses. More than products and services, we provide solutions that enable our clients to harness the power of technology and business applications that have been previously only available to large corporations. In short, we make leading technology work for you, in whatever way you need it to.

Today, Nivyah with high quality service and local coverage have fueled its rapid expansion

We bring the intensify of the Internet to hundreds of thousand subscribers every day. Nivyah provides a full range of innovative access with prepaid plans, Nivyah is committed to pleasing its subscribers, the corporates as well by following the company's Core Values and Beliefs.
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