Detailed information for MTNL Mumbai : DSL250

Internet service provider (ISP) : MTNL Mumbai:MTNL Mumbai
Overall rating:
  • Users ratings (2.5/5) :
: 1500 or 2222 1500
Package name :DSL250
Price per month (incl. Tax): Rs. 281 (Price based on a 1 year contract)
Price per year (incl. Tax): Rs. 3371 (Price based on a 1 year contract)
Free calls:-
Modem and/or registration costs : Rs. 500
Download speed :2000 kB/sec
Download limit per month :1000 Mb.
Additional costs when exceeding the download limit :Rs. 0,50 per Mb.
Unlimited download at night :No
Minimum length of contract :1 Month
MTNL Mumbai is available in the following State(s) :Maharashtra
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Ratings for MTNL Mumbai : DSL250

Speed rating:
  • Currently 2.26/5
Rating: 2.3/5 (81 votes cast)
Connection rating:
  • Currently 2.50/5
Rating: 2.5/5 (76 votes cast)
Service rating:
  • Currently 2.60/5
Rating: 2.6/5 (84 votes cast)

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